Advice for doing business with Chinese clients – from a Chinese perspective

Gong Xi Fa Cai! As the Year of the Rat begins January 25, 2020, I wish you all a healthy, wealthy and prosperous new year! The Year of the Rat symbolizes vitality, and it is believed to be particularly good for businesses and entrepreneurs. China has always been a very attractive market, offering great potential … Read More

Top 13 Lessons PR Students Learned from their PRGN Agency Internship

Internships are an important asset for students starting their public relations careers. Each internship experience varies from agency to agency, presenting many opportunities for young professionals to learn different aspects of the industry. Most importantly, internships allow students to acquire skills they cannot learn in a classroom – working and collaborating in a professional space … Read More

How PRGN was created

As a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network, I’m often asked how the network came about, what was behind the important first step and who are the people who made the bold move. For your records, here’s now the beginning of a 27-year journey now called the PRGN. In 1992, a small group … Read More

How to Develop Effective Communications Strategies: The SNIPER approach

The marketplace has often been described as a war zone, and your communications plan has to win the battle for the attention of audiences and most importantly, their buy-in. As the new year approaches, many brands and organizations would be in the midst of planning their next phase of communication. Broadly, we can see two … Read More

Marketing to Generation Z: What Gen Z Wants You to Know

Businesses’ marketing strategies for young adults are dramatically shifting, and that’s because today’s young adults are no longer Millennials: they’re Generation Z. To fill the generation gap – and take advantage of the varied backgrounds and ages of staff in house at The Castle Group in Boston – we took an authentic approach and involved … Read More

Four clear signs that tell your chosen PR agency has great culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – that’s what management consultant Peter Drucker said about the power of corporate culture. He asserted that strategy is important but that an organization’s culture is the true path to its success. Lots of PR agencies brag about their culture. Their website and social media channels share pictures of their … Read More

Navigating the Asian Communications Landscape – And 5+1 recommendations for successful campaigns in Asia

Last year, I wrote an article titled “Escaping The Bangsar Trap” for a leading Malaysian business magazine. Bangsar is an affluent suburb in Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The “Bangsar Trap” however describes the siloed mindset of the privileged, largely English-speaking Malaysian upper middle-class. This can be an issue in the communications business as … Read More