What News, Blogs and Magazines to Monitor if You’re in PR

Although PR professionals are usually seen as news-shapers, we’re also news-makers, especially as our industry continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate. And whether it’s tips on how to utilize new social media management tools or an analysis of the latest communications disaster, the PR trades do a vital job in keeping our industry up-to-date. … Read More

The Big Bang theory of PR

Should PR professionals be afraid of Artificial Intelligence? On the contrary, they should embrace the advantages provided by AI, starting with an enhanced influence. Will PR professionals be soon replaced by robots? If DeepMind managed, less than 2 years ago, to create an AI “chess master,” the subsidiary of Google could feasibly create an AI … Read More

Start Your Day with the Right Marketing Mindset – Four Tips to Create a Successful Daily PR Routine

Optimizing your schedule is important for making the most out of every workday. It’s true no matter what your profession is – public relations professional, CEO, parent, teacher – since every minute you save allows you extra time for yourself, your family or another client. But, prioritizing goals to maximize your daily schedule isn’t always … Read More

Employee Advocacy Can Improve PR

Today, more than ever, employee advocacy and PR are intrinsically linked, and a true connection is necessary when business objectives need to be met. When we talk about messages and communication with audiences, corporate image, the social networks, all this can be leveraged multiple times if the employee advocacy is in place and functioning well … Read More

What is a PR Firm?

Public relations is typically defined as a set of actions aimed at creating and maintaining a good image of a person, a company or any organization. The image can be built for the general public (consumers, clients, investors, public institutions, social organizations, etc.) and also for an organization’s own staff (internal communications). In light of … Read More