How to include the SDGs in your company’s DNA?

What do Unilever, Oxfam, Cambridge University and the German Federal Government have in common? They all report against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are becoming the common DNA of business, government and civil society around the world. But what are the SDGs? And how can your organisation add the SDGs to its … Read More

Working from home under Covid-19 – How to Adjust

PRGN’s Boston and Atlanta agency The Castle Group collected nine tried and tested advices from its staffers who had been working remotely well before the pandemic forced companies to introduce WFH policies. See their guide to the big adjustment. Read more

Five PR trends that will shape 2020

There are supposedly as many trends to watch as experts you ask. There are about 1,000 PR professionals working at member agencies in PRGN. For your convenience, here we present only the five most important trends that will shape the year 2020. Placing results of PR activities into a purchasing funnel PR experts will increasingly … Read More

Top lessons learned for automotive and mobility suppliers from CES2020

In the first week of January, CES2020 confirmed its role as one of the most important shows for advanced automotive technology, with a record number of new vehicle introductions from automakers for this show, as well as a record number of automotive suppliers and mobility technology systems companies participating in this juggernaut event in Las … Read More

Advice for doing business with Chinese clients – from a Chinese perspective

Gong Xi Fa Cai! As the Year of the Rat begins January 25, 2020, I wish you all a healthy, wealthy and prosperous new year! The Year of the Rat symbolizes vitality, and it is believed to be particularly good for businesses and entrepreneurs. China has always been a very attractive market, offering great potential … Read More