How “asoluto” became “accelent” — What We Learned from Rebranding Our Agency

Agency life is an evolutionary process and brings times of stability as well as disruptive changes —some of them forced upon the agency from the outside, some of them deliberately initiated to bring the organization to a new level. The Austrian PRGN member formerly known as asoluto has gone through such a change and since … Read More

Why Every Stock Listed Company Should Go On Investor Roadshows Across Europe

No personal contact, no investment in your company. The simple truth is: Investing is a people business and Investor Relations is about building relationships. Going on a roadshow to get in direct contact with institutional investors is obviously one of Investor Relations most important activities. Roadshows offer an opportunity to ensure that Investor Relations has … Read More

The Macro Effect of Micro-Influencers

In the endless ocean of the digital world, social media posts by companies and brands are often overlooked or do not attract the attention of its audience at a desired level. To improve engagement, brands often choose to promote their products by cooperating with influencers thought to be fit for the brand. Influencer marketing – … Read More