The New, Close Relationship Between Communication Agencies and Law Firms

For years they have been on separate paths, but since crisis is a synonym of corporate reputation, clients no longer worry about hiring a law firm when looking for a solution to their conflicts, but for several years they have understood that simultaneously they should look for someone who watches over their public image before … Read More

Crisis Communication & Hurricanes

At Xenophon Strategies, we’ve handled crisis communication on 13 major hurricanes for a variety of clients.  Check out the new blog post on communications lessons hurricanes have to teach from David Fuscus.  From planning to execution, getting ready for a natural disaster can be difficult for any organization, these principles will make it easier. … Read More

Crisis Communication Fundamentals

Good crisis communications planning starts with base fundamentals – assessing areas of risk, preparing your organization including effective policies and solid messaging and narrative that defines the organization and its values. Check out Xenophon CEO David Fuscus’s newest blog post: Key Fundamentals of Crisis Communication Plans.

Volkswagen Exec’s Sincere Apology Blames Rogue Engineers – Not the Best Approach to a PR Crisis

By now, most people are aware that Volkswagen’s image has taken a severe hit over the past month, when it was revealed that the automaker had installed technology in its cars that could “cheat” emissions tests. VW admitted that worldwide, 11 million cars that run on diesel fuel had this type of technology, and the … Read More